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xCAS version 5.2 will start rolling out this week. The most significant new features is document verification using QR barcodes and a new module for the valuation of precious assets like gold and diamonds for export. xCAS now also allows the use of GovIn to submit reports; companies can complete GovIn reporting forms when promted about due reports in the the Online Repository portal. The new valuations module facilitates valuation of diamonds in parictular, including issuing the Kimberley certificate. With QR barcodes on export permits and the shipment certificate, customs officers can also look up and verify the shipment documents […]
The Revenue Development Foundation is successfully venturing into 2020 with projects in over 10 countries in Africa and Central Asia. While a new FUSION and Golvn project was initiated in Senegal, Ghana recently saw the kick off of phase 2 of MCAS project. Throughout 2019, several training sessions were held and upgrades were done to our systems in Malawi,  Zambia, Mali, Liberia, Afghanistan, Congo and Sierra Leone. In addition, over 8000 companies submitted taxes using RDF’s Golvn in Cameroon and an unprecedented level of collaboration through a digital platform between the Customs, Ministry of Mines and Geology and the Tax Department was observed in […]
xCAS 5 is a platform of systems solving key challenges of government in several sectors, from online applications, to validation and approval of licenses, management of fees and payments, management of license holder reporting obligations including production reporting and continuously reviewing compliance of license holders.  The Online Repository Transparency portal provides investors and the pubic with near real time information on the licensing status, insight into company ownership and enables due diligence following OECD guidelines.  The portal allows license holders to submit Online Applications to xCAS for processing.  The RD Quantum mobile app gives inspectorate and field staff access to xCAS data in the field, and can […]
Responding to OECD Due Dilligence guidelines and increased focus on countries having a beneficial ownership registry, RDF has just released its newest version of xCAS with new features that supports streamlining of approval processes involving several senior managers and consultations, as well as details on ownership structures, including a registry of legal persons and beneficial owners
RDF release xCAS 4.6 with Dashboard and Issue Tracker modules. These are some of the major features building up to Version 5.  All institutions will be upgraded in the coming weeks.
RD DocFlow is a centralized document management data service which can be accessed by government administrative systems to store, retrieve and search in documents. The service is installed on one server and systems like MCAS is configured to authenticate to access the service. RD DocFlow allows users to search for text inside documents, for example for fiscal terms in contracts. In xCAS ver 4.5 all documents that are linked to a license or license owner is automatically tagged and accessible via the RD DocFlow service. The administrator can add additional folders, where users can store documents and files that are […]