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It is a strategic objective of EITI to mainstream its validation methodology into government systems. The initial setup of the EITI validation process ten years ago was based on not having any trust in government institutions and in particular the country’s auditor general reports to parliament. Thus the EITI validation process was a paralell process to the intended institutional accountabliity setup of democractic states. Most developing countries have over the last five years made significant progress in terms of systems, oversight processes and transparency. Increasingly the principles of EITI are embedded into government functions, who automatically disclose data directly from their own systems, like for example the xCAS systems publishing data to the public through the Online Repository portals.

In order to fully mainstream EITI, all government institutions that are managing extractives revenue must have digitalized their processes, and the systems must be integrated. RDF Fusion allows government systems to share data automatically by API and intermediary databases. Govin allows companies to submit their declarations online. The risk indicators in Fusion may also be used to automate the validation process, that will no longer be required if setup correctly.

Webinar Report – Systems for EITI Mainstreaming

Summary of RDF webinar 24 March 2021 with 100 participants from 30 countries.

Senegal presented how all key government systems are now integrated using the RDF Fusion system, and companies are reporting online using GovIn. This has reduced the time it tasked to do EITI validation and increased the quality, even automated parts of the audit using the Fusion risk management functions. Guinea presented how they have started using Fusion and are recently introducing the GovIn platform. Participants were also introduced to the Working Group of Extractives Audits, under the INTOSAI network of Auditor-General Offices who explained the benefits of data integration and systems audit.

Aasmund Andersen, RDF – Systems overview ( Download here )

Alioune Badara Paye, EITI Senegal – EITI mainstreaming in Senegal ( Download here )

Mamadou Diaby, EITI Guinea – GovIn platform for EITI Guinea ( Download here )

Trygve Christiansen, Auditor General Norway – INTOSAI WGEI Working Group ( Download here )

Moderator was Vera Magero, RDF

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