TAS is the main module in a comprehensive setup of applications working together. This would include ATOM, TAS, GovIn, Fusion and TRS. TAS is however a standalone application, and can also operate on its own. It can be integrated with a different taxpayer registry (through the ATOM plugin) and other payment solutions than TRS. It can also operate without the GovIn e-service portal, but this would limit the key advantage of implementing TAS since the biggest advatnages of TAS is the Form Designer. the form designer allows the tax office to implement any declaration forms required by companies to submit electronically, and receive it in TAS from the GovIn e-service portal.

TAS Core Modules

An authentication service which allows users to move seamlessly between integrated applications. We propose two separate SSOs, one for cloud e-services and one for the government network.

The taxpayer registry is fundamental, identifying companies and individual taxpayers with TINs. Each taxpayer belongs to a tax office, and government users are managing taxpayers belonging to the tax office they work in. Functions to detection of duplications and merge to clean up double-registrations. Runs as a data service allowing other systems to lookup and verify.

Allows any system to easily lookup a TIN or search on a company to find and verify TINs.

Company profile with tax account balance and key financial fields. Tax account journal. Billing of penalties and ad hoc fees.

Receiving forms like tax returns stored in detail and accessible through viewer or excel downloads. Review assessment and corrections. Tax calculation and billing.

Confirm payments against bank statements. Banking module for tax office cashiers.

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