RDF February Newsletter

RDF Revenue Specialists and the Programme Team is working tirelessly in all our partner countries to enable governments to run as efficiently as possible, despite the pandemic.In this month’s newsletter, we will focus on RDF’s work in the mining sector.

On 27 January, RDF organized a webinar with mining authorities from 10 countries. The webinar started with a presentation of the latest MCAS version 5.3 and good practice related to configuration and license processing workflows. Cadastre managers from Sierra Leone, Ghana, Afghanistan presented how MCAS was adopted to their country context. There were lots of questions from the 60 participants, which panelists responded to. It was decided to have webinars on a regular basis.

All countries are now upgraded to the latest MCAS 5.3 release. The release have focussed on improvements to how mining authorities manage company reporting obligations.

MCAS 5.3 Reports tracking – managing reporting schedules and review of reports.

The Online Repository portals have also been upgraded with new features;

  • Improved maps and filters
  • License transfers are now published
  • Royalty payments shows more details
Online Repository Maps module – Example from Sierra Leone

In case you have not seen all the portals, publishing data directly from MCAS at mining authorities;

Several countries are now also adopting GovIn for company reporting. GovIn is now plug-and-play with the Online Repository. MCAS system administrators can define reporting obligations and relate reports to GovIn forms. Companies managing their reports in the Online Repository “My Reports” section. Instead of attaching files, they will be taken to GovIn to complete the forms.

GovIn Online form for mining companies – example
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