RDF June Newsletter

The past month has been busy at RDF with all our Revenue Specialists working with client institutions to continue the services offered, in spite of the setbacks experienced due to the pandemic. In Liberia, our team successfully conducted FUSION training with the Liberia Revenue Authority over Zoom platform. 10 civil servants from the Liberia Revenue Authority participated and are currently gearing up for the next round of training sessions. In Cameroon, RDF developed a new functionality to manage audit procedures, which is currently undergoing testing from the client institution. In Guinea, GovIn was validated with EITI and training sessions are being planned to pilot the system. Furthermore, xCAS version 5.2 is currently being released with new features including document verification using QR barcodes and a new module for the valuation of precious assets like gold and diamonds for export. In this month’s newsletter, we will be featuring RDF’s work in Ghana with the Minerals Commission.

Higlights from Ghana

RDF’s work in Ghana began in 2015, with the implementation of the Mining License Administration System MCAS. Since then, we have achieved several milestones, the most recent one being the launching of online applications and reporting platform. The Minerals Commission’s online application and submission of reports went live on the 11th of May 2020. So far 18 large scale Mining Firms have been granted permission to use the online applications and reporting to engage with the Minerals Commission. The Commission has adopted a phased approach in transitioning fully to the use of online engagement and the processing of applications for Mining Leases.  

Officers at the titles department, processing applications.
Even during the lockdown, the Minerals Commission was still in operation, helping the large entities to be more conversant with the online system. Simultaneously, digitization of data of the existing firms has been ongoing to ensure integrity of the publicly accessed data. Furthermore, Minerals Commission is engaging with all stakeholders to ensure ownership of the online systems and processes. 
Ghana Mining Repository : https://ghana.revenuedev.org/

Further validation and checks of map areas is being conducted to ensure accuracy in the maps that the public has access to. Support Service Companies are being registered and trained in the use of the system in the current phase, which will be followed up with Prospecting License Holders, Exporters and finally, Small Scale Mining License holders.

By the completion date of the MRASP II project, the success of the project will not only be in the establishment of an end-to end solution in the Mining License process and transparency, but also, increased revenues to Government.

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