NTR System

Retrieve or Issue Payment Notices and Process Payments

NTRS is designed to manage payment processing against payment notices retrieved from systems such as MCAS and OGAS. Payments can also be processed from other systems. In this case, NTRS will send an electronic confirmation that payment has been received back to the system it retrieved the payment notice from

Retrieve or Issue Payment Notices and Process Payments

Many institutions can use NTRS at the same time, as it allows configuration of services to manage payment notices for the various fee lists or systems used by each institution.

Common Questions about NTRS NTRS

Yes, the system integrates seamlesly with MCAS API service and any other system using RDx integration standard, receiving Orders to Pay directly from these systems.

RDF systems use the latest we security frameworks and installed on servers with https secure protocol, following international best practice in data security. As part of the installation, backup procedures are implemented and the server is installed with RAID configuration to avoid possible hard disk failure causing loss of data.

About Implementing NTRS NTRS

The system is provided  without license fees or any recurrent software license costs by RDF as a non-profit organization, provided that the client institutions adhere to the RDF Condtions of Usage. The project cost of implement the system is determined by how much time RDF staff spends with the client to implement the system.  

The projects implementing RD systems are usually funded by development partners in-country as a two-year capacity development project.

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