RDF November Newsletter

RDF continues to support government institutions in 12 countries to progress on digitalization. In this month’s newsletter, we will focus on RDF’s work in Ghana.

In Ghana, the Minerals Commission announced that companis should start sumitting applications online from 1 November. The Ghana Mining Repository allows companies to register and, upon approval manage their licences.

Minister of Lands and Natural Resources Hon. John Abu Jinapor visits Minerals Commission to see the MCAS system and online portal earlier this year, in preparation for the annoncement. CEO Martin Ayisi (to the right) explains the system, supported by RDF specialist Ishmael Abeyie (far left)

All the major mining companies are already submitting their production reports online and have done so for over a year now. So far over 800 production reports have been submitted. The Minerals Commission recevies them electronically in the MCAS system for review and compliance feedback.

As of 1 November, the Minerals Commission requested all companies, including support service companies to regsiter in the portal and start submitting online instead of by paper. So far, over 200 company representatives have been approved to manage their licences through the portal. They are also requesting licence renewals electronically.

Support Services and Local Content

The Minerals Commission in Ghana registers local support service companies and promote them to the mining license holders. Users of the Ghana Minining Repository can see their profile and what services they offer.

  • 216 local service companies registered for support service Class A, B or C permit.
  • Listed with services offerered, promoting local content
Ghana Mining Repository listing local content service providers and the services they offer.

Other Highlights

  • RDF held a webinar on EITI mainstreaming 24 November, presenting how our systems can help governments mainstream EITI using RD Fusion, GovIn and other tools.
  • In Senegal, the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum had a series of webinar training sessions with govenrment staff, companies and stakeholders regarding the use of the new systems OGAS and the Petroleum cadastre portal.
  • In Cameroon, DGI held a workshop for key staff on systems training for RD Fusion supported by RDF and GIZ. Programme Manager Sanna Hermansson visited Yaounde, and worked with our team of specialists at DGI introducing new control functions in RD Fusion.
Cameroon DGI staff preparing for a RD Fusion workshop
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