Mobilizing Government Revenue

USD 2.4 Billion revenue in developing countries recorded through RDF systems

Systems that create impact

Our public administration systems use the latest web technology and are designed to make civil servants efficient and to attract investment.

Compliance and accountability

We help government institutions mobilize revenue through increasing compliance, lowering barriers and introducing systematic accountable processes.

Mainstreaming transparency

Our specialists are embedded in government institutions for continuous incremental results which lead to long-term impact.

EMBedded specialists

Mainstreaming transparency with automatic disclosure from government systems for public insight and investment promotion

Our Impact

Civil Servants using our systems
Licenses processed
Tax Returns and Production reports submitted online
Million USD Government Revenue Processed through RDF systems

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RDF support government institutions in 12 countries to progress on […]
About us

How we work

RDF is a non-profit consultancy supporting governments to efficiently manage and increase their domestic revenues. 

We provide advisory services and technical solutions to governments in low-income countries focused on improving revenues from natural resources and property taxes.