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The Revenue Development Foundation (RDF) is a non-profit consultancy supporting governments to efficiently manage and increase their domestic revenues. The Foundation provides advisory services and technical solutions to governments in developing countries focused on improving revenues from sources such as natural resources and property taxes.

The Foundation firmly believes that governments able to manage and mobilize revenue will be able to lead their own development agendas in a sustainable manner, strengthen democratic pressures on government accountability and reduce foreign aid dependency.

The goal of the Foundation is to support governments in low-income countries to mobilize US $2 Billion in domestic revenues by 2020.

Revenue Development Foundation is incorporated in Norway as organisation no. 993 907 197 (Stiftelsen Revenue Development).

RDF 2021 Annual Report and Audited Financial Statement

RDF and the Sustainable Develpoment Goals

RDF supports developing countries to build accountable institutions, mobilize domestic revenue and improve citizens access to ownership

SDG 1 : Equal rights to economic resources, as well as access to basic services, ownership and control over land

RDF improves governmetn management of licenses, permits and right to ownership and natural resources by implementing e-service portals, secure certificates and transparent ownership records.

SDG 16 : Accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels, reducing corruption and bribery, reducing illicit financial flows

RDF support institutional reform by implementing rules-based processes using IT systems for licenses, permits and payments, including exports of commodities.

SDG 17 : Strengthen domestic resource mobilization, including through international support to developing countries, to improve domestic capacity for tax and other revenue collection

RDF supports government to mobilize domestic revenue through IT systems, improving efficiency and compliance.

The Board

The Revenue Development Foundation Board of Directors meet quarterly at RDF’s offices in Oslo, Norway.

Aasmund Andersen (Chair) : Aasmund is the founder of RDF and has served as Chair since its establishment in 2009. Aasmund spent over a decade working and consulting for UNDP across anglophone Africa and South-East Asia. He has been managing a long range of IT-related projects for government in developing countries.

Bengt Ljunggren : Bengt is a former UNDP senior manager, now retired. Bengt managed UNDPs National Recovery Programme in Sierra Leone in the period 2002 to 2007, and has advised UN programmes in a range of countries. Bengt is a founding member of the board, where he has served since 2009.

Meryn Willets : Meryn is a strategy and digital marketing consultant involved in a range of technology startups. She has been a policy advisor for the Office of the Minister for Development of Small Businesses, Government of Australia. She is an advisor and boardmember of several fintech initiatives and mobile money companies.

Daniella Woldemichael : Daniella is a consultant in business development and strategic partnership. She has experience working for the Norwegian-African Business Association and a range of efforts to develop african startups and international business operations in Africa.

Stefka Iseli : Stefka is a finance controller and auditor. She has been RDF’s Finance and Operations Manager for seven years, and now serves as a board member responsible for financial reporting and oversight.

The Team

RDF is made up of a diverse group of professionals who share strong common values in supporting government institutions to increase revenue and accountability through IT systems. RDF headquarters is in Oslo, Norway.

Programme Team

Aasmund Andersen, Managing Director

Sanna Hermansson, Programme Manager

Sidy Ouattara, Programme Manager

Nolwenn Hemberger, Programme Manager

Implementation Specialists

Camara Sekou, Senior Specialist, Mineral Rights

Vera Magero, Senior Revenue Specialist, Mineral Rights, Environment and Tax

Stephane Geninet, Senior Revenue Specialist, Mineral Rights

Shalmalee Ghate, Senior Revenue Specialist, Mineral Rights

Ehsan Shirzai, Country Manager, Mineral Rights, Oil and Gas

Nahema Sylla, Senior Revenue Specialist, Mineral Rights, Oil and Gas

Erika Tchatchouange, Revenue Specialist, Oil and Gas

Malado Kane, National Specialist, Mineral Rights

System Engineers

Platon Janjgava, Senior Software Engineer

Aleksi Meladze, Senior Software Engineer

Rezo Imnadze, Senior Software Engineer

Lidia Momtselidze, Systems Support Engineer

Elene Pitskhelauri, Software Engineer

In memory of Irakli Kobiashvili, whose code is deeply embedded in us

Expert Advisors

Paul DeVries, Senior Advisor, Mining and Environment

Stephane Essaga, Senior Advisor, Tax Administration

Paul Fish, Senior Advisor, Local Government

Bernd Eckhardt, Senior GIS Expert, Remote Sensing

Georges Sao Tetsop, GIS Expert, Mining, Oil and Gas

Pierre-Pascal Gendron, Advisor, Tax Administration

Eva Kirch, Certified Consultant, Digitalization

Organizational Ethics

RDF is an organization that values personal commitment, rational discourse and efficiency. These values are encouraged in order to enhance the organization’s capability for innovation and impact. All staff and contractors should strive to embed the norms of performance, cooperation and innovation into their daily work. 

All RDF personnel should be cognizant of their role while representing RDF, an organization that is closely associated with governments through its partnerships and contractual arrangements. 

RDF employees and contractors must adhere to the RDF Organizational Ethics and Code of Conduct, which is based on the Code of Conduct for United Nations staff. 

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