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During 2022, RDF had fewer active projects. Even so, RDF’s impact continued to accelerate, as more and more civil servants in 12 developing countries continue to expend their usage of our systems. Online e-services took off to a flying start in Ghana where over 3,000 mining companies are now using the portal e-services of the Ghana Mining Repository. The portal communicates directly with the MCAS system at the Minerals Commission and is also connected to the government online payment service. The companies includes support services, promoting local content. In Cameroon, our fusion system for tax integration and audits are being […]
RDF support government institutions in 12 countries to progress on digitalization. In this month’s newsletter, we will focus on RDF’s impact in Cameroon. In Cameroon, the deadline for companies to sutheir tax returns have passed. Over 40,000 companies have now submitted through the RDF GovIn portal e-service to DGI, the tax authority. This is over 30% more than last year, and late submissions still keeps coming in. Systems installed GovIn e-service portal, where companies acess their electronic forms to submit RD Fusion, where data from all tax-related data sources are collated, including the submission online. TAS, the new RDF tax […]
RDF continues to support government institutions in 12 countries to progress on digitalization. In this month’s newsletter, we will focus on RDF’s work in Cameroon. In Cameroon, almost 27,000 companies submitted their tax return this year (Déclarations Statistiques et Fiscales / DSF) through the GovIn e-service portal. This year small businesses were also asked to submit and 12,500 did this for the first time, and within the deadline in May. The GIZ-funded project significantly increases the tax base, by introducing taxpayers services online. In April, our Senior Revenue Specialist Vera Magero arrived in Yaounde, taking over the project from Myriam […]
RDF Revenue Specialists and the Programme Team is working tirelessly in all our partner countries to enable governments to run as efficiently as possible, despite the pandemic.In this month’s newsletter, we will focus on RDF’s work in the mining sector. On 27 January, RDF organized a webinar with mining authorities from 10 countries. The webinar started with a presentation of the latest MCAS version 5.3 and good practice related to configuration and license processing workflows. Cadastre managers from Sierra Leone, Ghana, Afghanistan presented how MCAS was adopted to their country context. There were lots of questions from the 60 participants, […]
Compte rendu du lancement de la plateforme GOVIN 08/12/2020 Etaient présents : Le Secrétaire général du Ministère des Mines et de la Géologie, les membres du Ministère des Mines, les membres de l’ITIE, le consultant National de l’ITIE, les membres de la Société Civile, la Coalition Nationale Publique ce que vous payez, le Réseau de Femmes Africaines Ministres et Parlementaires, la Cour des Comptes, Women in Mining Guinea, la Direction  Nationale des impôts, le CPDM( Centre de Promotion et de Développement Minier), la DNTCP (Direction Nationale du Trésor et de la Comptabilité Publique), le BSD (le Bureau de la Stratégie et de […]
Despite COVID-19 restrictions in many of our client institutions, our Revenue Specialists continue to work and push our projects forward. Over the past months, we have adapted our clients’ systems to match their needs, some moving to the cloud to allow distance working, others moving the systems back to their local network servers, as offices re-open. In Sierra Leone, the valuation module has now been introduced on MCAS, allowing valuations of diamonds and gold exports to be done using the system. In Liberia, several FUSION training sessions were conducted with the officials from the Liberia Revenue Authority over the Zoom platform. Similarly, in […]
Started in December 2019 with a World Bank funding, RDF have implemented the key systems required for EITI mainstreaming in Senegal. The achievements are substantial and place Senegal as one of the forerunners in terms of modernization of EITI processes. The technical solution deployed during the project consists of several interconnected RDF systems: FUSION, GovIn, the GovIn Administrator Interface, and the Online Information Portal. FUSION is a data centralization and sharing platform with cross-referencing and data analysis functionalities, addressed to the collecting administrations. Automatically populated by some government systems, or updated through manual upload of data files by other government […]
The past month has been busy at RDF with all our Revenue Specialists working with client institutions to continue the services offered, in spite of the setbacks experienced due to the pandemic. In Liberia, our team successfully conducted FUSION training with the Liberia Revenue Authority over Zoom platform. 10 civil servants from the Liberia Revenue Authority participated and are currently gearing up for the next round of training sessions. In Cameroon, RDF developed a new functionality to manage audit procedures, which is currently undergoing testing from the client institution. In Guinea, GovIn was validated with EITI and training sessions are being planned […]
This past month, in light of the challenges posed by the pandemic, RDF worked with clients across the globe in transferring the systems to cloud-based servers to facilitate working from home. In Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, RDF systems are now online, allowing staff to access the systems remotely from home. In addition, Sierra Leone has completed the development of valuations module on MCAS, allowing the The Directorate of Precious Minerals Trading (PMT) to now process the mineral valuations using the MCAS system, and to issue the Kimberly Certificate. A significant milestone was also reached in Ghana, with 18 Large […]
Despite COVID-19 disrupting the socioeconomic conditions in all countries we work in, RDF has continued to achieve significant milestones in the past month. EITI Senegal went live with RDF’s GovIn module, allowing oil and mining companies to submit their declarations online for the 2019 fiscal year. Concurrently, government administrations started using RDF’s Fusion in Senegal, which was implemented to facilitate the cross-institutional integration of data across the extractive industry sector. Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum has been utilizing the royalty module for its mineral contracts and Ghana successfully registered 16 Mining Lease Companies, who are now looking forward to submitting […]