RDF October Newsletter

RDF support government institutions in 12 countries to progress on digitalization. In this month’s newsletter, we will focus on RDF’s new project in the Solomon Islands.

RDF’s new project in Solomon Island

In August 2022, RDF won a World Bank contract to install the Mining Cadastre Administration System (MCAS) within the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification (MMERE) in the Solomon Islands. As a part of the project, RDF Implementation Specialist Shalmalee Ghate travelled to Honiara in October to implement the software solutions and train the staff of MMERE.

The project aims to digitize the mining license registry, launch the online portal for transparency and manage the entire life cycle of mining licenses within the MCAS software.

Digitalization and training

As of November 2022, MCAS has been successfully installed at the government data centre and staff at MMERE are currently under-going various trainings in system usage. The system has brought the much-needed digital processes to store data in a systematic way and move the ministry from paper-based filing systems to digital solutions.

Expected Results

Easily available data, easy analysis, auto generation of reports, tracking the audit trail of every application, increased transparency, better revenue data and management are some of the numerous benefits of shifting away from manual processes to MCAS.

The MCAS portal will also provide the public with transparent access to the license registry and contracts, as well as allowing companies to submit applications and reports online.

Progress so far

  • Latest version of MCAS installed at government data centre, available on the MMERE local network
  • Public portal set up, with automatic synchronizing service
  • All building permits have been digitzed.
  • The mining license registry is prepared and ready to be digitized

You may follow our progress by watching the MMERE portal datasets maturing

Other highlights

  • RDF is building a new version of the REMOP property tax system, anticipated to be ready in two months. This will take advantage of AI satellite detection of building rooftops to reduce the time and costs of property enumeration.
  • RDF started building version 6 of the xCAS platform, upgrading the underlying technology used to the latest java-based open-source frameworks.
  • In Cameroon, RDF is about to release a new version of ATOM registry for taxpayer and business registration to be used by DGI Cameroon.
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