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The Revenue Development Foundation is successfully venturing into 2020 with projects in over 10 countries in Africa and Central Asia. While a new FUSION and Golvn project was initiated in Senegal, Ghana recently saw the kick off of phase 2 of MCAS project. Throughout 2019, several training sessions were held and upgrades were done to our systems in Malawi,  Zambia, Mali, Liberia, Afghanistan, Congo and Sierra Leone. In addition, over 8000 companies submitted taxes using RDF’s Golvn in Cameroon and an unprecedented level of collaboration through a digital platform between the Customs, Ministry of Mines and Geology and the Tax Department was observed in […]
Today, RDF signed an agreement with the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Environment for implementation of the second phase of the forestry cadastre system project. The first phase was implemented in 2013-2015, with funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This second phase will expand on the system usage to more license types and offices, also providing more transparency on forestry licenses.