Government of Sierra Leone - mining licenses and forestry licenses, payments and royalties.

Launched by the Minister of Mines in January 2012, the portal became the Sierra Leone Extractive Industries Initiative official database portal in late 2014. 

All licenses and payments are published here, directly from the MCAS license and payment system used by the National Minerals Agency. The portal has over 2,000 registered users, mostly mining copmanies and investors.

Data Content

All mining licenses and payments, including royalties and map of license area - publicly available.
- All Exporter and Dealers' licenses (under the "Traders" destop) - publicly available.
- Forestry Export licenses and permits (Under "Forestry" desktop) - only available to selected stakeholders

Government of Mali - mining licenses and payments.

Mining license registry managed by the Minsitry of Mines, publicly available.

Published directly from the MCAS system, used by the Direction Nationale de la Geologi et Mines to manage all licenses and license-related payments.

Data Content

All mining licenses and payments, including map of license area - publicly available.

Government of Malawi - forestry licenses and payments.

Forestry data from the Forestry Department, Ministry of Natural Resources.

Data Content

- Forestry Export licenses, conveyance permits and related payments.

Government of Liberia - mining licenses and payments.

Mining license data managed by the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy.  Launched at a launch event in December 2015 by Deputy Minister Sam Russ.

Data Content

- Large-scale mining licenses
- Class C Artisanal Licenses. Invited stakeholders only. 
- Exporters and Dealers digitization ongoing, invited stakeholders only.

Government of Ghana - mining licenses and payments.

Mining regsitry of the Minerals Commission. Published directly from MCAS in three desktops; large-scale mining licences, Exporters and Dealers licenses and Small-scale Licenses. Launched during a soft launch event 19 July 2016 by Minerals Commission CEO Dr. Tony Aubynn.

Data Content

- Large-scale licenses including Prospecting and Mining Leases
- Exporters and Dealers
- Small-scale Licenses for two districts, as managed by the Minerals Commission District Office.