National Revenue Specialist - Afghanistan

MoMP Provincial Office in Jalalabad, Afghanistan
Jalalabad , Afghanistan, Islamic State of
06/23/2019 07:02:29

Based in Jalalabad, covering MoMP provincial offices

The Revenue Specialist will be responsible for implementing projects in the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, within areas related to licensing and revenue management. He/she will be assigned to a provincial office, as part of the Ministry, working alongside Ministry staff. The Specialist will report to the respective project team, providing the support required.

The position is for six months, on contractor terms to be defined.

General Responsibilities

  • Train Ministry users to use RD systems MCAS, NTRS and Quantum. Follow-up training with day to day support and coaching.
  • Ensure appropriate training materials and information materials is available in local languages.
  • Utilize and further develop methodologies and tools to supporting institutional capacity development with RDF software.
  • Any other responsibilities as assigned by the programme team.


  • Bachelor degree in public administration or related field. Master degree preferred.
  • Sound understanding of efficient institutional regulations, procedures and processes.
  • Excellent communication skills in Dari/Farsi and English.
  • Good ICT literacy skills and experience of working with IT systems.

Role description

The Specialist will be working as part of a team of specialists seconded to the government. The principal objective of the Revenue Specialist will be to ensure the efficient implementation of RDF’s systems, and ensure transparent and accountable usage of these systems. The specialist will be expected to establish full familiarization with Ministry administrative processes to inform the development and implementation of RD systems.