Phase 4 of MCAP Project Launched in Sierra Leone

Maria Lanza Knudsen

The next phase of the successful MCAP program in Sierra Leone was launched in October and new tools have been introduced to strengthen monitoring and accuracy.

The fourth phase of the project builds upon the previous impact with a specific focus on artisanal mineral rights and mineral content analysis for certification of royalties. 

A key objective is to strengthen the capacity of the regional office to manage artisanal mineral rights, enforce compliance of rules and regulations and further increase investor confidence in the administration of all mineral rights. Key actions include updating the regional offices to the MCAS 4.x platform and establish data connection to head office in order to improving oversight. Other RDF tools put into use is the RD Quantum mobile devices that help validate artisanal plots and track illicit mining activities.

Another important component of the fourth phase includes improve government ability to inspect and certify mineral contents of exported sand-based minerals such as iron ore, bauxite, rutile and zircon. Pilot use of XRF handheld spectometers to analyse mineral content on a sample of companies' exports have shown underreporting of the actual mineral grade, meaning the company have paid lower royalties than supposed to. The MCAP project will deliver XRF hanheld deviced and develop methodology for systematic inspection of sand-based minerals exports to ensure correct royalties are paid.

The project aims to help establish the National Minerals Agency in Sierra Leone as a practice leader among mining regulatory bodies in Africa. 

A National Mineral Commission Officer Using MCAS to Manage a Dealer's License