Mineral Export Permit Module goes Live in Zambia

Lusaka, Zambia

Klaus Jensen

Zambia issuing Export Permits through RDF system

The Ministry of Mines now issues all export permits through a new system

The online Export Permit Module implemented at the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development went live Wednesday June 1st 2016. The Ministry are now processing and issuing all Mineral Export Rights through the RDF developed Administration System.

Transitioning from a paper-based system means the Ministry now has a more efficient and accountable process for issuing Mineral Export Rights and recording related payments, significantly improving and strengthening the Ministry’s efficiency, accountability and oversight. The Ministry Officers now using the Online Export Permit Module to process and issue Permits, has quickly realised the benefits of transitioning from an all paper-based system.

Revenue Development Foundation is operating in Zambia as a Consortium Partner in the Mineral Production Monitoring Support Project (MPMSP) led by Adam Smith International, and funded by the European Union. The system implementation is part of a broader effort to improve the management of production, exports and royalty revenue for the Government.

Using the new Export Permit Module, record keeping is made easier as I do not have to re-enter issued permit in the paper registry. The system can also easily trace if a processing mistake has been made due to the automated audit trail. The Revenue Report option makes it easy for me to provide Senior Management with accurate data on payments made.The system is so good; it should also be used to process and issue Mineral Trading Permits as well as Import Permits.

Mineral Economics Officer Ms Jean Mwenfa Simukonda

A more efficient and accountable process

First Export Permit issued through the new system

First Export Permit Issued through the Online MCAS Export Permit Module (June 1st 2016). Client: Minerals Dealer, Mr. Peter Lukwesa. Issuing Officer: Mineral Economics Officer, Ms. Jean Mwenfa Simukonda

More photos are on the project Facebook blog; https://www.facebook.com/MPMSPZambia/