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Over the last four months, RDF has introduced features that allow companies to submit license applications online. The Online Repository is a portal for accessing license data for public transparency. For mining company representatives it is also an online application portal, where they manage their applications and licenses. It will be the main communications vehicle for government to company liaison, ensuring systematic and accountable compliance of mineral rights. This functionality has been enabled in all countries using the Online Repository.
On November 25 2018, Afghanistan’s Government Media and Information Center (GMIC) hosted Her Excellency, Ms. Nargis Nehan, acting Minister of Mines to officially launch the Online Transparency Portal in the presence of Deputy Minister Anyatullah Momand, Director of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP), Mahbobullah Rabani, several media outlets and members of the afghan civil society. The Online Transparency Portal ( is a portal that publishes data from Afghanistan’s Ministry’s Mining Cadastre Administration System (MCAS) with payment information from the Non Tax Revenue System (NTRS). Ms. Nehan stated that the extractive sector in Afghanistan as a key sector that […]
The success of RDF’s data-sharing and risk management system, FUSION, has led to the decision to initiate a grand scale-up. Under the umbrella of the Revenue Integration Project in Cameroon, with support from GIZ, RDF will develop the first module that will be the basis of the RD TAS system. The module will be used for annual tax return processing, submitted online by taxpayers.   Last year, the RDF Board of Directors decided that building a TAS system is a strategic objective for RDF. Development of the system is now on schedule for first release in January 2019. The system […]
The customs verification portal is one of  RDF’s newest systems that looks to tackle mineral verification using the MCAS system. With a partnership with GIZ/BMZ, the Project bagan in January 2018 and has made incredible strides.  In April 2018, RDF staff along with our government partner represenatives from Ghana and Sierra Leone attended the 2018 Forum on responsible mineral supply chains in Paris. One of the forum sessions focused on the challenges related to customs verification of mineral imports and exports. It is during this session that RDF presented on the Customs Verification Portal (CVP). We spoke of the numerous requests […]
Responding to OECD Due Dilligence guidelines and increased focus on countries having a beneficial ownership registry, RDF has just released its newest version of xCAS with new features that supports streamlining of approval processes involving several senior managers and consultations, as well as details on ownership structures, including a registry of legal persons and beneficial owners
The Afghan Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, represented by the Minister of Mines, Hon. Nargis Nehan, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with RDF.  The document states the Ministry’s intention to move forward with RDF systems, using them for mining license management, processing of mining rights applications in the future, compliance monitoring and payment registration. In return, RDF will continue to support the Ministry with or without project funding in order to secure the achievements in data management and transparency. RDF systems MCAS and NTRS have been installed at the Ministry during 2017 in a project with DFID funding. Since […]
First published at: At the Mining Indaba last week, new versions of the Online Repository portals were presented by the Governments of Ghana, Mali, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The Online Repository portals publish the entire mining license registry, owner details and payments data directly from the mining cadastre system. The new Online Repository portal design is refining a standard set and developed by Sierra Leone, who launched the first Online Repository in 2012. The portals automatically publish data directly from the Mining Cadastre Administration System (MCAS), which is now in use by mining authorities in nine countries. The portals publish […]
RDF release xCAS 4.6 with Dashboard and Issue Tracker modules. These are some of the major features building up to Version 5.  All institutions will be upgraded in the coming weeks.
Yesteday, RDF signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Minsitry of Hydrocarbons in Brazaville for the implementation of OGAS and Online Repository. The congolese government have set a deadline of April 2018 to have the portal operational, publishing all oil and gas licenses, contract terms and associated payments to the public and investors. Project implementation will start in January.
Over the years, RDF has worked closely with revenue authorities in the countries we operate to ensure that the taxpayer registry is available electronically to line ministries issuing licenses using xCAS. The taxpayer registry is also critical for the RD FUSION risk management system. We have found that the taxpayer registry requires better technology tools and data management to avoid duplications, have up to date contact details and share details with other government entities. The RD ATOM system is based on the experiences and lessons we have made in this process. The application is built on the latest material design technology, […]